Our daughter Gia was diagnosed with Stargardt's disease in 2014, an inherited form of Juvenile Macular Degeneration that appears between the ages of 6 and 20. It causes progressive central vision loss to the point of legal blindness.
Our journey was long and challenging.   After seeing four ophthalmologists who could not tell us what was wrong with her vision, we finally took her to an Emory Neurosurgeon who diagnosed her with Stargardt’s Disease.  It was difficult to hear there is no cure and basically there is nothing we can do.
Gia struggled in school and could not learn like the other children. The teachers tried to be helpful but didn't know where to begin to help her.
That’s when we took her to CVI (Center for the Visually Impaired) in Atlanta for help. They tested and evaluated her to see what would work best for her in school.  By the end of the day they had already formed a list of recommendations showing the best way to teach and help Gia in school. They showed us several assisted devices for the vision impaired which would work best for Gia. 
This year, 5th grade, was the best school year for Gia.  She had gone through so many emotions the past 4 years from feeling isolated to unconfident.
Gia was fortunate to have assisted devices for school, an I-pad, HD Magnifiers and other devices.  Unfortunately, there are many who can't afford additional devices and have to depend on the public school system.
That’s where Through Gia’s Eyes Foundation (TGEF) comes in.
Through Gia's Eyes Foundation, our mission is to help children and young adults with vision impairment. To create a Vision for the Future of those debilitated by this disease. To improve their life by providing assisted devices, vision rehabilitation, medical treatments, camps and support groups. Through Gia’s Eyes Foundation will help those suffering from vision impairment and get the help, treatment and devices they need to help their children live an independent life.

 Alice Pergolini -

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About the Foundation and How it Came to Be

In Collaboration with Sight Savers America for our next event.

A nonprofit organization expanding nationally through their

​I can See Now​  program to provide high tech vision aids for children with severe visual impairment.  The only organization in the country that raises funds to provide free EVMs statewide and national level to children who medically need, but can't afford it.  Please visit their website at www.sightsaversamerica.org

Our Mission

Through Gia's Eyes Foundation (TGEF), is a Private 501c3 tax-exempt not for profit organization.  Our mission is to help children and young adults who suffer from Juvenile Macular Degeneration or vision impairment by providing them with the tools, technology and treatments necessary to help them grow their self-esteem and lead successful, independent lives.

1. Help educate and provide them the latest technology devices

2. Assist families by giving them the guidance needed to seek medical   

    treatments and help.

3. Assist finding Support Groups, Rehab Training to enhance the quality of          life.

4. Supporting other 501c3 Public Charities with the same Mission 

5. Provides access to Assistive Technology for school, work and daily living

Through Gia's Eyes

To help visually impaired children fulfill their dreams to live an independent life with dignity.


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Alice Pergolini  email:apergolini@throughgiaseyes.org